Rumble! Roar! Beep! Kaboom! If you're the kind of kid who can't resist a construction site—the roar of big trucks, giant piles of dirt, and super-tall cranes lifting bundles of steel high in the air—this book is for you! Inside, you'll find 100 all-new puzzles, starring diggers, loaders, dumpers, lifters, and many more kinds of work vehicles. You can bulldoze your way through a maze, dump a load of letters into a crisscross, mix up some words in a scramble, or load the correct answer in a math puzzle. There are codes to crack, dots to connect, and words to criss-cross. Get behind the wheel with fun puzzles like:Floating CranesJunk PileGiant JobsTwisted SkiddersPush Me, Pull YouPut on your hard hat, grab a pencil, and join us at the construction site.