A unique collection of recipes that are a true reflection of the traditional prairie way of life, where the flavourful, hearty dishes that appeared on the table featured ingredients picked only a few hours ago from the vegetable garden or gathered from the adjoining fields. The Romantic Prairie Cookbook champions environmental harmony and celebrates the land by using homegrown flavourful ingredients taken directly from fields to table, as was customary centuries ago when living off the land and home cooking were essential to survival. This time-honoured tradition brings to the forefront the unique talents of a collection of artisanal qualities-from gardening to harvesting, baking, cheese making, preserving, pickling and more. Author Fifi O'Neill has travelled from farm to farm,homestead to homestead, gathering together this unique collection of recipes that are a true reflection of the prairie way of life. These recipes showcase the home cooks' and artisans' passion and respect for creating healthy, tasty and satisfying dishes. Here you will find recipes to suit all occasions, from picnics to enjoy in the height of summer to warming dishes to ward off winter chills, from springtime delights that celebrate the return of fresh produce to suggestions for making the most of an abundant autumnal harvest. There are recipes that have been handed down through the generations, and new twists on old classics. Whether you grow your own fruits and vegetables or enjoy buying seasonal, local produce from farmers' markets and roadside stands, The Romantic Prairie Cookbook is sure to include recipes to inspire and dishes that will soon become your own family favourites.