Category: Poetry Anthologies (various Poets)

Poems Touaregs de L'Ayr: v. 2
Part of a series of editions of Tuareg poetry, this title features an introduction to the genre, a section on phonetics in Tuareg poetry and a bibliography on the subject.


Chinese Lyricism : Shih Poetry from the Second to the Twelfth Century


Anglo-Saxon Poetry
Anglo-Saxon poetry is esteemed for its subtle artistry and for its wealth of insights into the artistic, social and spiritual preoccupations of the formative first centuries of English literature. This anthology of prose...


American Negro Poetry : An Anthology
With 200,000 copies in print, this anthology has for decades been seen as a fundamental collection of African-American verse. Bontemps (1902-73), an important figure during and after the Harlem Renaissance, author of more than...


A Chorus for Peace : A Global Anthology of Poetry by Women
Women poets from around the world are gathered here to raise their voices together, to speak out against violence and its calamitous effect upon the human soul. Yet there is also a thread of resilience here, an undercurrent of...


The Art of Poetry : For Gcse and Beyond
Featuring expert essays on Sonnet 130, The Flea, London, Ozymandias, Pied Beauty, The Charge of the Light Brigade, The Road not Taken, I Felt a Funeral, Dulce et Decorum Est, Do not go Gentle into that Good Night, Valentine...


Poems and Readings for Funerals
As more and more secular funerals are taking place, there is a need for appropriate texts. The Poet Laureate spoke recently of the importance of 'epitaphs' for people: poems or songs which commemorate their lives....


Twentieth-Century Scottish Poetry
During the 1920s, Scottish poetry, personified by Hugh MacDiarmid, asserted its independence, denying the claim made by T.S. Eliot that all significant differences between Scottish and English literature had ceased to exist. It...


Bright Wings : An Illustrated Anthology of Poems About Birds
In this beautiful collection of poems and paintings, Billy Collins, former U.S. poet laureate, joins with David Allen Sibley, America's foremost bird illustrator, to celebrate the winged creatures that have inspired so many...


Lullabies and Poems for Children
In this enchanting and comprehensive collection, the lullabies we all were rocked to sleep with, such as "Rock-a-Bye Baby" and "Hush Little Baby, Don't You Cry," mingle with traditional lullabies from...


Old English and Middle English Poetry
Old and Middle English Poetry gathers together the essential texts from the earliest writings in the vernacular up to the time of Chaucer. Spanning almost seven centuries, it encapsulates the foundation and consolidation of...


The Norton Anthology of American Literature: v. E
The Eighth Edition features a diverse and balanced variety of works and thorough but judicious editorial apparatus throughout. The new edition also includes more complete works, much-requested new authors, 170 in-text images,...


Islands of Protest : Japanese Literature from Okinawa
Literature is an important vehicle to further knowledge of other cultures, and English translations of Okinawan literary works have had a major impact on the field of Okinawan studies. Yet the riches of Okinawa's literature...


Songs of Ourselves: Volume 2
Songs of Ourselves 2: Cambridge International Examinations Anthology of Poetry in English is a brand new selection which follows on from the very successful Songs of Ourselves. The two volumes together now present an even wider...


Gathering Ground : A Reader Celebrating Cave Canem's First Decade
Founded by prizewinning poets Toi Derricotte and Cornelius Eady in 1996, Cave Canem has for the past ten years dedicated itself to the discovery and cultivation of new voices in African American poetry. Cave Canem began as a...


The Miller's Prologue and Tale CD : From The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer Read by A. C. Spearing
A well-established and respected series. Texts are in the original Middle English, and each has an introduction, detailed notes and a glossary. Selected titles are also available as CD recordings.


The Wiley-Blackwell Anthology of African American Literature: 1746-1920 v. 1
The Wiley Blackwell Anthology of African American Literature is a comprehensive collection of poems, short stories, novellas, novels, plays, autobiographies, and essays authored by African Americans from the eighteenth century...


The Best Poems of the English Language : From Chaucer Through Robert Frost
This comprehensive anthology attempts to give the common reader possession of six centuries of great British and American poetry. The book features a large introductory essay by Harold Bloom called "The Art of Reading...


New Cathay: Contemporary Chinese Poetry, 1990-2012
Poetry. Asian & Asian American Studies. Translated from the Chinese by many hands. The most up-to-date anthology of contemporary Chinese poetry, translated by American poets and edited by the executive editor of the...


Carmina Burana : Antologia / Anthology


The Norton Anthology of American Literature
The Eighth Edition features a diverse and balanced variety of works and thorough but judicious editorial apparatus throughout. The new edition also includes more complete works, much-requested new authors, 170 in-text images,...


Risible Rhymes
Written in mid-17th centuryEgypt, Risible Rhymesis in part a short, comic disquisition on "rural" verse, mocking thepretensions and absurdities of uneducated poets from Egypt's countryside. The interestin...


University of Tradition : The Spirit of Purdue
A University of Tradition is a fascinating compilation of history, customs, pictures, and facts about Purdue University from its founding in 1869 to the present day. Covering all aspects of Purdue, from the origin of the...


Selected Short Plays


Because a Fire Was in My Head
A wonderful anthology of poems to set fire to the imagination. We only have to 'remember, remember the 5th of November' to see a dark night filled with fireworks and bonfires. In their many different ways - through...


Guillaume d'Orange : Four Twelfth-Century Epics
Guillaume d'Orange is the most extensive epic cycle of the Middle Ages. Set in the ninth century, the poems on the life of William of Orange grew out of several centuries of oral composition and were written down for the...


Touched with Fire : An Anthology of Poems
A collection of literature anthologies and reference books for Key Stage 3 onwards. This anthology has two main objectives: to introduce students to a wide range of poetry in English from the last 400 years, and to provide them...


Hick Poetics
Poetry. Literary Nonfiction. HICK POETICS is an anthology of contemporary American poets connected to rural landscapes. In addition to poems this book includes short essays by a wide variety of established and emerging writers...


The Hungry Ear : Poems of Food and Drink
Food and poetry: in so many ways, a natural pairing, from prayers over bread to street vendor songs. Poetry is said to feed the soul, each poem a delicious morsel. When read aloud, the best poems provide a particular joy for the...


The Everyday Poet : Poems to Live By
A thoughtful and varied collection of feel-good poems perfect for any day and any situation.This brand-new anthology holds up a mirror to our own lives, and is designed to tackle your everyday needs: whether work is getting you...


Old Norse Women's Poetry : The Voices of Female Skalds
The rich and compelling corpus of Old Norse poetry is one of the most important and influential areas of medieval European literature. What is less well known, however, is the quantity of the material which can be attributed to...


Holocaust Poetry
Collecting 119 poems on subjects that are indelibly linked with the Holocaust, Holocaust Poetry commemorates the sanctity of those who have died - both Jews and non-Jews - during World War II. A solemn affirmation of our...


A Little Touch of Cliff in the Evening
New Writing Scotland is the principal forum for poetry and short fiction in Scotland today. Every year it publishes the very best from both emerging and established writers, and lists many of the leading literary lights of...